About Us

About Wrenchmonkee:

What started off as a do-it-all custom shop quickly evolved in to a Wheel-Tire-Suspension specialty shop. We found out quickly that doing anything and everything will not allow us to perfect certain areas and would lead to a weak foundation. So we quickly started to work on a plan to build a strong foundation by focusing our attention to a specific niche. We are now a Brand that focuses on Wheel/Tire/Suspension parts and installs. From custom 3 piece wheels, custom air ride to lifted trucks and off-road vehicles. We are not your normal shop but more of a brand that revolves around aftermarket upgrades as a way of life. We are now investing in a product line for air ride and soon will have more products to offer to our customers.


Our Mission:

From the beginning, our mission has been to help others turn their dream into a reality. Today, People all over Washington, Oregon and Idaho reach out to Wrenchmonkee for that help in building their vehicles and and give them the knowledge and guidance to get them what once was a dream a reality. We consider it a privilege to be able to work on all the projects that we take on and as the automotive industry evolves, our commitment will always be the same; help everyone build their dream vehicle.




Owner: Ray Arevalo

Ray is a entrepreneur, family man, and car enthusiast that has had a passion for cars his whole life. From owning full race cars to exotic he's had his fair share of experience. He always wanted to impact the automotive industry in some way but never knew how. In March of 2020 he decided to open a shop in Richland with hopes to make a dream come true. May 2020 came around and businesses were getting shut down left and right, he was starring at a crossroad; close shop and try again a different year or double down and keep pushing to make his dream come true. He decided that he would sell just about everything he has and invest more in the shop to keep it going. By December Wrenchmonkee had 3 full-time employees and by Feb 1st 2021 we moved in to our new 5,000 sqft 4 bay shop and the rest is history 


Shop Manager: Nelson Rios aka Notorious Nelly


There is no doubt that Nelson has been THE wheel/tire guy for 15 years or so. Growing up around the automotive industry for just about all his life from holding the flashlight for dad to street racing in the underground world. His professional aspect has been a parts guy, lube tech, manager for Discount Tire, Owner of a previous automotive venture, service advisor at a Ford Dealership, he's definitely seen a lot and done a lot which makes him the perfect Shop Manager for Wrenchmonkee. With a good looking beard comes great responsibility and Nelson, without a doubt, is a numbers guy and good at what he does. When you don't find him at the shop you might catch him traveling for food and making sure there's a beach wherever he goes. "I'm a simple man I eat and sleep and repeat."


Shop Foreman: Edgar Gonzalez aka The Fitment King

Edgar joined the team back in November of 2020. His commitment to helping the team, dedication to the automotive industry and contribution with the growth of Wrenchmonkee is how he earned Shop Foreman. He has been around cars his whole life, from doing back yard builds at a young age to working at a full restoration shop he has a cumulative of 4 years of experience in the automotive industry. His passion and specialty is to make cars look unique in every way imaginable. On his free time he loves to work on his own vehicles making them look better and if you don't catch him working on his cars then you might catch him watching videos or reading about how to work on cars and make them look better. His goal in life is to make every vehicle around him have the perfect stance, which is how he earned his nickname The Fitment King.


Apprentice: Ivan Inzunza aka Pretty Boy

Behind those charming blue eyes and under that perfectly combed hair is someone that looks like he came out of Vogue magazine. Ivan has definitely proven to be a great asset to the team. His background in Automotive industry includes working as a lube tech, repairing his own cars, and diving into either his own or friends project cars. The past 3 years he has been learning a lot and 2021 was the year where he catapulted his love and knowledge in the automotive industry. When it comes to cars, his passion has no limits from simple repairs to slamming sh*tboxes on some Gramlights with ESR center caps. He enjoys learning and observing the different ways that components work on a vehicle, but dislikes when he has to break a sweat due to years of rust on a bolt. When you don't catch him at the shop or modeling for Abercrombie & Fitch, you could find him working on his project car, painting, or looking up car parts.